Best Gift For Flower Girl

For your special occasion to be perfect you need the help and support of a lot of people including your Flower Girl. Often this role is carried out by a young girl who is about to embark on her first public role and all on her own.

We get so busy planning our wedding that it is sometimes overlooked how stressful this important role can be for one so young. This little beauty if going to set the scene for your entrance down the aisle and it is lovely to provide this darling with a gift that will be a keepsake for the rest of her life.

There are so many gifts that are cute such as teddy bears and dolls. My personal opinion is to offer a gift that is not as age specific such as an ornament or jewellery. Ideally something that can be engraved that your Flower Girl will look back at fondly in years to come such as jewellery, although bangles and bracelets will only have a limited time span of use and may just get lost or discarded. A pendant on a chain can always be kept because it can always be put on longer chains. The key is to get something that has that wow factor. Something that is going to make her feel almost grown up.


Other ideas for gifts include: a musical jewellery box will probably delight any young Flower Girl; a silver-plated money box – traditionally Piggy Bank but these now come in all sorts of designs including an elephant; a personalized dresser that comprises of a comb, brush and mirror; broach


If you pick and ornament pick something made of metal. Pottery made ornaments could easily get broken on your Wedding Day. Pick an ornament that depicts a positive image of a woman, such as a ballerina, but pick something that is timeless so that it does not become dates quickly.


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