2018 Bridesmaid Dress Trend

Have you ever been asked to be bridesmaid? Yes! I know you are thinking about those hideous bridesmaid dresses first. However, Gone are the days where a Bridesmaid’s dress is ugly and only worn once. Here is new trend of Hot and Sexy and for most wearable Bridesmaid Dresses


Bold , Dark, Deep 

Bridesmaid dress trends have reflected the increased influence Bridesmaids have on what they will wear on your special day. Bold darker colours and becoming widespread providing the advantage that wedding photographs will be more striking, and the Bride’s dress will stand out more.



Dusty Rose is the New Blush

Blush has been most popular color for last few years and it seems like it hasn’t fade the fame yet. However, this is it got darker and deeper too. I seem to find Mauve and Dusty Rose in a lot of designer collections.


More Sparkles are the Better



Sequins has been hot material for last two years and it seems like it will still be. Also I have noticed more exquisite beaded Bridesmaid dresses too.

Short and Sexy

Cocktail style dresses are certainly increasing in popularity with Bridesmaids because of the practicality of being able to use the dress at parties and other special events. Particularly appealing are cocktail dresses making a statement with big bows and ruffles. Be mindful of having some sort of consistency especially if there is a wide age range of your Bridesmaids and it is a wedding so some level of decorum is expected.

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