Mint and Blush

A trend is generally defined as what’s hip or popular at a certain point in time. It is the result of a constant labor of design and marketing and most of the time is fated to an ephemeral existence. Come to think of it, perhaps the beauty of a trend lies in its short-lived reality, and the challengeto make it eternal in our memory by capturing it in our own context and experience before it vanishes and is replaced. This is particularly true when it comes to wedding color trends. Take note quickly before it changes, the year 2014 has officially encapsulated the colors mint and blush as tendencies for all things wedding.

Colors are not only aesthetically pleasing and fun to look, atbut it is also a well-known fact that colors deeply influence our moods and outlook on life; they set the tone emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

As it is, planning a wedding is no easy task. Organizing any event where there is family and friends, eating, drinking and dancing involved for more than two or three hours requires plenty of time and dedication. Weddings are rituals, milestones, life changing events that have a definite before and after that completely alters your lifestyle. Not to mention, weddings carry everyone’s expectation, opinion and definition of what should be“perfect”. This obviously adds complexity and pressure, never mind the stress!Nevertheless, if you are planning a wedding around mint and blush anticipate your planning process, your guests, the outcome and most importantly,your senses to be charged with life, love and happiness. After all, that is a perfect wedding wish that almost everyone can agree on.

The color green is most often associated with nature (life). It is the milieu for the natural world and easily harmonizes with all of Mother Nature’sprofusion. Imagine your beautiful bridesmaids in stunning mint dresses as the backdrop of your own wedding’s cornucopia. Picture adding a playful splash of mint green to your wedding dress either in your shoes or in your accessories; you can have fun and add green to the “something new, something blue/green and something borrowed”.

Green isalso the color for the “heart chakra” and aids us in connecting with unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion. This is clearly the tone you want to set for your marriage. Not only because it is the first day of new habits but also because in every action there is a myriad of reactions waiting to be born. In other words, your nuptial day could be the life-changingevent (for the better) for more than one person. What if your wedding favors were small green stones that could be worn as necklaces to activate your guests heart chakra’s?

Along those same lines, the energy of the color green contains the ability to sustain change and transformation, which are key to growth, which in turn is important to a robust life union.

Similarly, the color blush symbolizes vigorous bonds. It is also a playful color that signifies the waking up of the senses. When we blush, more often than not, we are the center of attention that causes our senses to be on somewhat of an overdrive. Pink is the color of acceptance, healing and romance. Rose pairs well in any wedding, for it is the color most often associated with love. Blush is the mixture of red and white and the quality of energy in pink is determined by how much red is present. While the color white holds the potential for becoming whole, the red helps achieve that potentialVisualize your wedding dress in the lightest form of blush possible bringing this process to life in your wedding. Your guests will be in awe wondering if it is a beautiful illusion or reality.

Combining both mint and blush will produce an unforgettable wedding of love, life and happiness. The exquisite colors hold all of the symbols and secrets for a successful wedding, not to mention they aesthetically combine beautifully. Be playful, daring and creative when combining them. Do not subscribe to anyone’s idea of how things should be. Simply listen to your inner guidance about what feels right. After all, it is your wedding to love and to hold eternally in the shelves of your memory.

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