How to Choose the Perfect Flower Girl Dress

The Origin of the Flower Girl

On any wedding day, Flower girls hold a great deal of importance to the entire ceremony. The tradition of the Flower girl in weddings dates back to old English traditions – when a young girl (typically a member of the bridal family, or a relative of the closest friend to the bridal family) would toss flowers all the way to the church as the leader of the wedding procession.

In this day, the role of the young Flower girl has developed into more than just tossing flowers& the Flower girl now has a variety of responsibility. One of the most important of these is her role to uphold the idea of purity and innocence in marriage. She tosses flowers down the aisle during the wedding procession, spreading happiness and good fortune to the bride and groom. This is achieved by the Flower girl, who should be dressed beautifully for the occasion.

The Flower girl will only feel most comfortable in her role by wearing an adorable dress of choice that fits the bride’s specs. With this dress, the young Flower girl can utilize her beauty andher pleasant charm to successfully spread the cheer & joy shared by all during that special day.

Choosing a Flower Girl Dress

Flower girls, in all ceremonies, should be a fabulous sight to behold and are (second to the bride’s attire) the real show-stoppers! Whether dressed in an elegant yet simple white or ivory gown, or beautifully dressed in hues of pink, blue, or other soft pop colors – her dress must adorn the special day tastefully with a charming look that matches!

Of course, selecting the prefect Flower girl dress is one daunting task, but with the aid of this written piece, we will show you just how fun it can truly be for the whole family! So, to al you gorgeous brides and moms: gear up! At the end of this article, you will know how to shop the perfect scene stealing flower girl dress for your little darling.

There are several aspectsof the dress that should be considered while choosing the perfect one. This would include finding 1) a dress to match her personality and natural beauty 2) the theme of the wedding 3) comfort over looks 4) a dress that is stylish yet affordable. Keep these four factors in mind, and you’ll have an easy enough time finding the right one for her!

What to Consider When Buying a Flower Girl Dress

To explain further, we would like to go in to further detail on the aforementioned factors for choosing the perfect Flower girl dress. These additional details are considered essential by our team of experts at My Girl and will certainly help to aid anyone in the vital process of committing to shop and purchase (online or in-store) a particular Flower girl dress for your next wedding event.

Season & Venue: When choosing a Flower girl dress, always ensure the venue of the wedding. For example, one thing you should hope to avoid is finding your little princess shivering while in her off-shoulder, sleeveless dress during an outdoor ceremony in the chilly winter season. In these instances, you’d want to consider a floor-length dress with cap-sleeves to cover areas where she might be the coldest, or at the very least, a bolero jacket to feature along with her glorious gown. Additionally, you will also want to avoid cases where she might suffocate in too many layers if the reception is held at an indoor venue during the sweltering, hot summer season. In this situation, a short tea-length dress at a breezy beach wedding party will not only work for the weather, but is also less likely to get messy from the sand and other natural, outdoor obstacles! Vice versa, an elegant floor-length or ankle-length gown would be a perfect pick for a formal indoor reception. To put it simply: choose a dress appropriate for the venue, as well as the season!

Theme of the Wedding: There are numerous Flower girl dress options available for your cutie pie, and sometimes this can be quite daunting! To relieve yourself of some stress,you should keep in mind to select a colorful Flower girl dress that compliments the event and a style that will highlight the overall attire of the wedding party.

In most cases, families have typically found it best to choose an outfit that will match well with the bridesmaid dresses (as opposed to the bridal gown), in not only color but as well as in general style or design. Not only will these key rules make it that much simpler for the Flower girl’s dress to fit beautifully with the theme of the entire suaré, but how freakin’ adorable is it to see a little miniature lady in a dress that matches the adults? Answer: it’s too cute to boot!

Comfort versus Style: With a plethora of Flower girl dress available in the market and varied styles, you can shop almost any dress you like, anywhere! Having so many options at your hands may at first seem to be an advantage for your wedding attire needs, but a problem you might run intowill most likely concern the comfortability of the dress. Sometimes, you’ll have to weigh the comfort level of a dazzling dress over its style & looks.

Let’s face it; little girls can be very vivacious and picky. For this reason, you should choose a dress that is not only stunning in quality and design, but one that allows your little one to breath, dance, and be herself without any of the common hassles of formal clothing. She will want to look like a princess, of course, but to look & act like a princess, she’ll want to feel comfortable and confident in her princess gown too!

Prepare and Plan Ahead: We would like to remind our readers that while we have laid out these basic concepts above for your thoughtful consideration, these guidelines should be followed by your family and the bridal party responsibly: remember that you will be held accountable for putting the event’s main ensemble together, and the final decisions made on attire will not just result in gorgeous wedding pictures – but will also make an impact on the overall mood & attitude of the entire celebration!

This means that all of those involved in this task should never, ever overlook the importance of time and preparation prior to selecting any of the outfits to be worn on the big day! The most important of these outfits will always, always remain first: the main bridal gown, second: the bridesmaids’ gowns, and third: the beautiful Flower girl’s dress.

Remember that allowing adequate time for everyone involved with the crucial planning of this wedding event to decide and choose multiple dress options, in addition to allowing the lovely little girl plenty of time to guarantee the perfection of style, fit, color, and comfort of the dress or dresses chosen for her, will absolutely without a doubt allow for a more exciting & gratifying Flower girl dress shopping experience for you, for the little one, and of course – for the rest of the family.

For example, with a June wedding in the horizon, you should and begin your search for dresses in January – giving yourself several months in advance to come up with color or dress style ideas, time to prepare for dress alterations, modifications, as well as unexpected delivery mishaps for dresses order online, etc. This will also permit the Flower girl to potentially try on numerous styles – a method that can ensure the timely approval of her wardrobe from all parties. This tactful organization will also allow you, the lovely mommy, along with the gorgeous bride and bridesmaids, all of the freedom in the world to conceptualize the outfit down to every minute detail (as needed) without feeling rushed or stressed for that very, very special day! You can’t deny that rushing a process as delicate as this is a definite no-no, and you don’t know how difficult it can be to find a dress to be “perfect” until you actually try it – making it even more impossible to determine how long the process will actually take.

This is a time to be enjoyed & to love your family, not a time to be overwhelmed! Not only does ample timing make the life of the bride and her dream-wedding celebration a much more relaxing goal to accomplish, but it also allows for a more accommodating arrangement for that perfect Flower girl dress. When buying online you may sometimes experience running into problems with some companies’ or manufacturers. The dress may be back-ordered and delayed, and you may want to return or & exchange for a better size. To avoid these frustrating hassles, give yourself several months of wriggle room!

For a tradition that carries so much importance during such a big event, you shouldn’t be expected to do anything else but to put this kind of patience & effort into the process. There have been many times when families put too much emphasis on that “one perfect flower girl dress”, and mistakenly given themselves too little time to work out all the kinks. Eventually, they discover that they are unable to satisfy expectations and end up disappointing the bride and in some cases, delaying the wedding! These common problems can easily cause a special day meant to celebrate the union of two people and their love to be a day of misfortune and misguided frustration.

For some families, these situations turn out to be totally disastrous at times when, due to poor planning, issues will arise even with the young little Flower girl. Let’s face it, little girls can be quite vivacious and if not satisfied with what she is wearing, it is likely that she will not be up to the task of spreading cheer on the big day when her dress is too itchy, tight, or too bothersome in some way to wear.

The Truth about the Perfect Flower Girl Dress

In truth, the idea of the “perfect Flower girl dress” is made perfect only by thorough planning, passion, and care! Give yourself plenty of options, keep in mind the most basic needs of all involved, and finalize your dress decision with the one that the bridal family not only loves, but the one that is an appropriate and realistic fit for the entire day.

We promise that by keeping these ideas in mind, you will ensure the happiest, picture-perfect moments to take place and are certain to be most pleased with the end result because you will know without a doubt, that you have found the “perfect Flower girl dress” for the big wedding day!

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