Size Information for Flower Girl Dress

Size chart

We provide size charts for each items instead of common size chart for all items. The reason is we have more than 20 different vendors and each manufacture has slightly different size charts. Also, depends on the style of the design, the size charts are different. Please check the specific size chart on the product detail page. The size chart is located under the product description.

How to measure

First thing you should do before you place an order for the flower girl dress is to check the size of your flower girl. Most dress companies try to make their product the same size as child's casual clothes. However, the fit of a dress is basically different from casual clothes. Therefore, you should get the child's measurement first before you go flower girl dress shopping.

Have a measuring tape.

1. Chest: Measure a loop under your child's armpits, passing the tape across the fullest part of the chest and around the shoulder blades. You may have a little bit of more room when you measure her since size chart of the dress is measured over a garment.

2. Waist: Measure a loop just above your child's hip bone, around the natural waistline.

3. The length: Measure from the center of the shoulder to the point you wish the hem of the dress to be.

- Once you get the measurement of your flower girl, before you compare it with our size chart, please add 1/2-1 inch to chest and waist measurement since our size chart is garment measurement.

- Compare it with the size chart of the dress on our website. If the size matches perfectly, you are lucky. Just go ahead, place an order and wait for your delivery. If your measurement and size chart has huge gap, then see below.

Still have some question because of body type?

For Tall Girl

If your girl is tall and skinny, probably the size chart we provide isn't close to her measurement. In this case, you need some work to do. First order the dress basic on the measurement of her shoulder to shin(tea length dress). Compare the measurement with the length of the dress from size chart and order the closest size. Then, take the dress to alteration shop to take of chest and waist.

For Big Girl

If your girl is little bit big, you may have hard time to find the dress for her. We suggest you to order base on her chest size. The most important part of a dress is the chest. If the dress is too small, you will have a trouble with the zipper or child may feel uncomfortable. Therefore, recommend you to go with size that matches the chest measurement. we could still adjust the waist by tying the sash or alter the waist and hem.